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Let me tell you about my worst ever experience in life.

I was about to relocate from Hyderabad to Switzerland and wanted to send few household goods from Hyderabad to Raipur (my hometown).

I selected Starworld Packing and shipping company . They completed survey and quoted me 6000 rupees for the service. Then one day before pick-up I called them for some small query, all of sudden Ms Shweta "PRO kinda" gave phone to Mr Kumar "so called MD …. LOL" and Kumar told me that they can't ship my items in quoted price. The guys who have done the survey for their company are new and *** (whose fault ?). So If I want to ship my goods with them I have to pay at least 9000 (they knew that I have my flight in 2 days to Switzerland and I can't go and find a new transporter now). He promised me that I will get world class service (later it turned to the world class pain) and shipment will be delivered in 3 days (later turn out to be 36 days). I agreed to pay 9000. Every thing then was fine, they packed goods on time and my account was debited next day morning. Then the real pain started.

The performance and customer service is fantastic till they have picked up the goods and you pay the money and..........................then god bless you. The goods did not reach us till day 36, all the time me (from Switzerland) and my father (from Raipur) kept on calling them, they always say goods loaded and on the way, at Nagpur, at Raipur, then again the other guy will say that Kumar fooled you, we shipped it yesterday from Hyderabad, its in Nagpur, you please call driver, manager at Nagpur etc etc etc uuuuuffffffff. In short they kept on fooling around. I called their head office in Delhi and some guy at Bangalore all were same……………….. all false promises (fake and corrupt guys).

Later they stopped recognizing me and slowly stopped taking my calls and if they pick and recognize they always postpone the date of delivery (give us last chance kinda). Since last one month they are saying the good are on the way or will be delivered today evening or next day morning. They will make your life ***.

Finally all goods were delivered on day 36 and at delivery site goods were left on the road in front of the house at 7 PM night. The drive and other guys refused to shift items inside the house which they should have done as per the contract. Now tell me whom my 72 years old father should go and ask to shift the goods to the first floor at late hours ?????

The goods, since they were lying some where in last 35 days were damaged, wet "books and cloths" and few items broken. The Godrej almirah door was damaged badly (bend and scratched), screws of lock rod found inside the almirah (I suspect some one tried opening it or might have used it before shipping it to me). The key which was placed by crew inside the drawer of the almirah is missing now. I am quite sure that the almirah was used some where, otherwise how keys place inside drawer by their so called experienced crew with help of tapes went missing ????.

Now no one is ready to take responsibility. This was the worse experience of my life. I wasted at least 4000 rupees calling them daily from Switzerland in last one month + the pain for me and my family.

Never ship with them, better sell every thing is what ever price you can........................ or go for some other movers.


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